Benefits of
Strawbale Building

Exceptional Insulation Quality
  • Lower heating and cooling costs through highly insulated efficient walls
  • Reduced cost of heating and cooling equipment because smaller units can provide for the smaller needs of strawbale homes
Ease of Construction
  • Strawbale walls go up easily and fast
  • Friends and neighbors can help build each others homes and needed community buildings
  • Puts home building back in the hands of the owner and the community
Structural Stability
  • Strawbale buildings are exceptionally stable with less potential for damage from hurricanes, earthquakes and other acts of nature
Environmentally Friendly
  • Uses an annually renewable product
  • Reduces air pollution from farmers burning
  • Reduces the amount of lumber needed in homes to preserve forest resources
  • Reduces the size of lumber needed so materials can come from managed forests
  • Non-Toxic materials, so no off-gassing or harmful chemicals
  • No hazardous building materials to dispose of
Community Benefits
  • Provides an additional income for farmers from what is a waste by-product of grain production
  • Builds communities through building together
Improved Fire Ratings
  • Sheathed in 1-1.5 inches of stucco, strawbale walls have greater fire resistance than normal drywall
  • Straw bale walls by themselves provide a silent, comfortable home
  • No need for additional soundproofing materials


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