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The IronStraw Group offers the new strawbale builder an option to suit any need. We can help design and review your plans, help get permits approved and work with you during construction. We organize workshops! If you don't think you have enough friends to build strawbale (or just want more people) -- we can help. Let us arrange your work parties. We offer a full range of services to fit most needs and budgets.


Artist's Home and Studio designed by IronStraw                    

The IronStraw Group offers complete architecture and design services to take your home from start to finish. We offer custom plans and all construction drawings ready to submit for your building permit. Whatever style you're thinking about, from southwest to northwest, rounded walls and arch top windows, it can be included in your design. We can also do plan reviews (of your own design) to make sure your design is built with the most up-to-date techniques. Or we can do a combination of the two - to custom design your strawbale home. Individual consulting services start at a flat rate of $75 per hour. Please e-mail us with your request. You can reach Michael Thomas, Co-founder of The IronStraw Group by e-mail with the link below.

Update September 2016:
We have returned from 9 years of building in New Zealand and are working on our "Ageing in Place Sustainably" project in Port Angeles, Washington. Information about this project is on our main page and links to the project page and workshops. We are currently able to provide design consulting services for projects in the US that will start construction in the Summer of 2017.



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