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How to Build a Strawbale Home

We are offering a description of how to build a strawbale home in a series of articles published on these web pages. Check back for the current article as well as links to past articles. Please note that this is only one of the ways to build. We believe in building models that can be replicated and not re-inventing the wheel for each construction project. Therefore we suggest one building method and that is the purpose of these pages. This is not intended to be a primer on strawbale construction - it is simply a method. For an excellent book on various strawbale techniques see "Build It With Bales" on our Resource Page.

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Article #1 - Basic Foundation
Article #2 - Footing and 1st row of Bales
Article #3 - Wall Raising
Article #4 - More Wall Raising
Article #5 - Walls, Tie Downs, RBA's
Article #6 - Wall & Finishing Details

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